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We have always been aiming for the maximum since 1974

Each space must have the ideal light at any time of the day. But each space also has its own personality and needs. It takes talent and forward-looking vision.

Ours is a family vision that goes from generation to generation and expands in harmony with the new needs of daily life. Homes, workplaces, public spaces are vital environments in which people seek maximum comfort and efficiency. A window compartment, a sliding door, a patio are transformed into useful direct light management tools that improve the quality of our lives.

From 1974 to today, evolution and growth have been constantly kept under strict control because making progress means having a clear path, skills and potential. Because keeping up with the times means having solid roots and very clear ideas about the meaning of reliability and continuity.

Today the second generation of Balatroni led by Francesco, Mauro and Paolo welcomes the future with the entry into the management of the company of Alessandra Pradella, Francesco’s daughter, with the creation of a larger and more efficient headquarters and the application of technologies that until yesterday seemed science fiction, with young collaborators and determined to extend the company’s boundaries. Satisfying every need, even the most complex and unusual, has become a job of normal administration because life itself requires more complex solutions in terms of quality and comfort.

Care for the environment and eco-sustainable systems are today a reality that is impossible to deny. The attention to detail makes the difference. Balatroni knows that. Our product line, which ranges from high-tech roller shutters, external venetian blinds, outdoor and indoor blinds, monoblocs with the latest generation integrated systems, insect screens and a wide choice of outdoor products, are the expression of our constant Research & Development.

Balatroni is a world in which designers with proven experience live, technicians specialized in production, fitters with the mania for perfection, commercial managers who go around the world to find materials and products of the highest quality and a management team that has learned to listen to the customer, to solve complex issues, to reply in real time in the welcoming and functional headquarters of 2500 square meters, with a splendid exhibition of products.

We are in Cedrasco, in the province of Sondrio, our land, our roots, but we are also projected into the future with a modern vision because progress and technology are wonderful opportunities at the service of Man and the Environment. We love Italian style and we are devoted to Made in Italy because it is unique, unattainable and extraordinarily beautiful.

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