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Jun 04

In the shade of a fantastic parasol

Enjoying the shade on hot summer days, but also rest in case of a sudden rain is a really a great feeling. Balatroni presents its new line of parasols Elis-L that will amaze you for the design, for the technology and for its eclecticism. Elis-L parasols adapt to any architectural context making the environment more elegant and livable. They are perfect for private homes, terraces, gardens and by the pool, but they also solve the needs of hotels, restaurants, schools and public institutions very well because they have an extension that can reach up to 7 meters. They are robust and tested to withstand high wind loads and, thanks to the exceptional thickness of the pillar and uprights, they can also be used in large areas to optimize the spaces. The result is fantastic and easy to manage, even simultaneously with a single remote control. 130 fabrics and 200 colors are enough to choose your Elis – L? Is the lifetime warranty on durability enough? We have fallen in love with it and we are waiting to tell you in detail.

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