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It is called home; but it is more than that: an intimate and reserved space. Living in increasingly beautiful, welcoming and comfortable places is today much more than a desire, it is a necessity. Balatroni, who has always been committed to listening to your needs, inaugurates today this new section: Open Dialogue. A direct line to talk about topics, products and technologies that make your home much more beautiful and welcoming. How does it work? We expose current topics to live your spaces and work in maximum comfort. Then we’ll tell you our opinion and you will decide whether to contact us directly to learn more and get more information. Stay tuned.

1 / When it happens that…

We find ourselves living the house as the only oasis of freedom, as the only space in which we can decide the quality of life we want, the sense of comfort takes on vital importance. Every space is important, every corner deserves the best we can imagine. Making our home welcoming, functional and beautiful is a more than legitimate desire and today there are innovative, effective and very advantageous solutions.

Today, with Balatroni, there is the possibility to take advantage of the 50% Ecobonus required by law and discounted directly on the invoice. It’s time to act!

2 / We can evaluate

The advantage of the discount on the invoice that today Balatroni makes available to its customers.

Outdoor space has an incredible value regardless of whether it’s a terrace or a garden or a balcony. Summer is just around the corner and the furnishing of the outdoor spaces, the management of light in the individual rooms of our home are factors that make the difference. Just think of pergolas, awnings, external venetian blinds and roller shutters of the latest generation that can solve the most complex situations, with exceptional results.

Today you can make valuable choices to enhance the efficiency of your indoor and outdoor spaces, both for your convivial moments and for your relaxation. Balatroni offers latest generation solutions that enhance the architecture of your open spaces because they are made with innovative materials and fabrics resistant to wind and water. Choosing a pergola and surrounding the space with movable walls of different materials, from fabric, to glass, to wood allows maximum privacy.

Pergolas with adjustable slats and motorized system equipped with a series of accessories able to transform our outdoor space into the perfect place of relaxation for every season (heating system, sound system and LED lights manageable in your favorite colors). Isn’t that extraordinary? 
And how do we deal with the management of light in our environments? Simple!
Today we have wonderful external venetian blinds available, able to adjust the light with home automation, easy and manageable even remotely. Also amazing is the roller shutter with built-in Insect Screen and adjustable slats. Balatroni offers the widest, most modern and most effective choice we can imagine with its Elis-P, Elis -F, Elis-S, Eteria-R, Eteria-F and Sefi-Z lines.

3 / Do we want to talk?

We can deepen the possibilities of choice at your disposal by talking about them together!

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If you need to talk with us, call +39 0342 492800 and leave a message on the voice mail: “I want to learn more about the advantages of the Ecobonus 50% discounted on the invoice” specifying your name, surname and telephone number. We will call you back as soon as possible.