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Jun 01

Stay away from mosquitoes and insects

They are annoying, insistent and visit us during the most beautiful seasons, spring and summer, so that we need to protect ourselves spreading around the house more or less effective diffusers or worse, smearing substances on our skin: they are the notorious mosquitoes and insects 

Today it is possible to choose to end this war with the definitive solution.

The Balatroni Insect Screens are carefully selected for you to meet all your needs!

Do you have small children? Pets? Don’t worry! Our line is equipped with opening and closing with photocell system, safe and very functional.

Do you want to install it on a skylight? It is possible with the pleated version and integrated darkening system, which can be managed with a simple remote control.

Are you looking for innovation? We have the retractable version that integrates perfectly with your frame.

And then there are the elegant pleated Insect Screens, which you can choose in a wide range of colors and that fall within the Ecobonus 50% regulation. Balatroni offers you the discount directly on the invoice.

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