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Sunflower Line
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Pergole bioclimatiche a lamelle in alluminio Balatroni. Pergola bioclimatica per ambienti all'aperto

Eclectic – Safe – Guaranteed

Sunflower is the name of the most modern and innovative line of Balatroni roller shutters which is inspired by the uniqueness of this flower that directs its light towards the sun.
Starting today it is possible to calibrate the light in your environments, ensure maximum privacy even in open mode and defend yourself from annoying insects with an effective Insect Screen . Someone still calls it roller shutter; we call it Smart Integrated System.

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The Sunflower line by Balatroni is made of extruded aluminum painted with polyester thermosetting polish to ensure maximum resistance to atmospheric events, a long life over time and maximum safety.

Technical notes

It’ adjustable for every need. Imagine having natural sunlight without the impact of direct radiation. You can simply adjust the orientation. This position prevents the sun from overheating the room and damaging objects that are exposed such as carpets and furnishings.
For optimal rest just choose total darkening mode. Sunflower becomes a perfect light barrier. It is associated with a variable speed motor that improves the adjustment of the slats in opening and closing. Sunflower is versatile and can be perfectly integrated into any compartment. In the absence of predisposition, it is possible to install an external box of extremely small dimensions.

Upper end position
Open position

Intermediate position
Closed position

Lower limit
Oriented slats position


Open, closed, modular
even with built-in Insect Screen.
For this reason our
customers love it

Light, shadow, safety.
A product that meets many needs.

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