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May 29

The ideal light for every room

Dosare la luce nei vostri ambienti privati e di lavoro è importante perché ogni ambiente ha esigenze proprie. Possiamo risolvere con frangisole o tapparelle intelligenti e molto funzionali, ma soprattutto potete scegliere Balatroni che, con i suoi 40 anni di esperienza, saprà indicarvi la soluzione migliore. I frangisole di ultima generazione della linea Eteria F arredano grazie al design elegante, alla gamma di colori infinita e sono perfetti per modulare la luce in ogni ora del giorno, anche autonomamente con un sistema di domotica facile e gestibile da reDosing the light in your private and work environments is important since each environment has its own needs. We can solve with external venetian blinds or smart and very functional roller shutters, but above all you can choose Balatroni which, with its 40 years of experience, will be able to show you the best solution. The latest generation external venetian blinds of the Eteria F line furnish thanks to their elegant design, infinite range of colors and are perfect for modulating the light at any time of the day, even independently with an easy and remotely manageable home automation system. You can learn more by clicking

What if we want to replace our roller shutters? You have plenty of choices because Balatroni has selected the best solutions you can find on the market. The roller shutter with adjustable slats of the Eteria R line is made exclusively of extruded aluminum, without limits of choice in colors. It is elegant, sturdy and applicable to any architectural context.

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But there is more, today you can install a roller shutter that allows you to get rid of annoying insects: it’s the innovative Sunflower line that incorporates the Insect Screen, it’s robust and manageable with a simple remote control.

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